Clay Tile

Clay is regarded as the premium roofing material, it is a natural and sustainable roofing product which benefits from inherent strength and a rich colour that will never fade. Clay roof tiles are available in many shapes and sizes and due to clay being a versatile material, roof tiles can be handmade or machine made.

Clay is an incredibly versatile material; it can be instantly aged and even made to look like natural slate. Advances in manufacturing techniques coupled with innovative design mean that the premium aesthetics and natural properties of clay are more affordable than ever before.

Clay roofs are virtually maintenance free, only requiring removal of leaves, debris and any other organic deposits from time to time.

Concrete Tiles

Although concrete roof tiles have been around for almost a hundred years, their usage has increased significantly over the past 50 years. They are now the most widely used on the market and have the ability to mimic the shape and colour of clay tiles. They’re also easier to fit and more cost-effective. This made them popular with developers in the post-WWII housing development boom, as Britain began to rebuild its infrastructure

Aside from their cost-effectiveness, one of the main reasons why concrete tiles have become so popular is their durability. Therefore, manufacturer warranties will typically last for 30 years but concrete tiles should last up to 50-60 years at a minimum and even longer in a number of cases.

As a general rule, 15° is the minimum pitch for concrete tiles which has decreased from the original recommended level of 20°. Additionally, there are some concrete tiles available that can be laid as low as 10° although these are not too commonly used.