Cast Stone

It’s not just bricks that ET Clay Products are famous for. Cast Stone is often referred to by different names such as reconstructed stone, reconstituted stone, artificial stone, synthetic stone, manufactured stone and art or artistic stone.

Cast stone products always add a touch of distinction and value to a building project and when you consider how affordable it is, you’ll see why it is in such high demand. Reconstituted or cast stone really has caught the imagination of architects, builders and their clients because it allows them to recreate the look and feel of all manner of architecture from years gone by right up to the present day.

Cast stone is made by using one of three main manufacturing methods, semi-dry, wet-cast or fibre reinforced. Cast stone is the ideal building material for architectural dressings that demand fine detail around entrances, openings and gables.

Lightweight Stone

Lightweight alternatives to traditional cast stone elements offer a wide variety of benefits over and above their traditional counterparts. From bespoke sections, colours and details down to being easier to install and eliminating costly prelims, lightweight stone is a must have product for both traditional and modern methods of construction

Available in a wide variety of authentic and traditional stone colours.  The main feature of is that it is extremely lightweight. Whilst it has the same look and feel as stone, it is around 75% lighter, but equally as strong and weather resistant

Lightweight stone can be used for high level or weight restricted areas and can be fitted after build, allowing brickwork to continue.