Audley Antique

This classic look of traditional farmhouse colours and a handmade texture helps make the Audley Antique one of our best selling brick slips. Like the rest of the range perfect for any type of project, internal or external.

Birkdale Blend

One of the darker red multi slips in our range the Birkdale Blend offers the perfect colours to help give any feature wall the warm and homely feel.

City Black

The City Black brick is perfect for both traditional and contemporary builds and can be used for detailing and also as the main brick design.  The City Black is a through colour product with a traditional handmade finish.


If the desire is to lighten the room with your new feature wall then the Euphoria is the slip of choice. The subtle red and pink base colour is perfectly complimented with an array of dark blue/black and a sprinkle of gold for the perfect finish.

Hammersmith London Yellow

The Hammersmith London Stock is that perfect product to match into a genuine London yellow stock brick.  Like all the brick slips within the range it is perfect for both internal feature walls and external projects.

Iced Grey Multi

The Iced grey offers a stunning visual appearance with the blend of dark and light grey along with white tones, blended to give a remarkable finish to any project. The Iced Grey will standout on any project it is used on.

Keswick Blend

The Keswick Blend offers a rich red brick finish with dark hues, this is perfect for the more traditional style projects

London Weathered Yellow Stock

Looking for that ‘London Look’ then our London Weathered Yellow Slips are perfect. Intentionally weathered to replicate the look of some iconic buildings in our capital city that have stood for decades, the London Weathered Yellow slip allows you to bring the look of London into your own home.


The Maranello offers a truly exceptional finish for both traditional and contemporary projects. Its soft buff base colour with light hues adds a unique selection of colours to any project.

Middleton Blend

A truly unique blend of colours the Middleton Blend slip is for those not looking to follow the crowd. Vibrant buffs, pinks, blacks and golds allow you to brighten up any feature wall and really add that unique look to your home.


A modern classic, cut from one of the most popular bricks of the last 10 years the Mystique slip has beautiful subtle colour blends and a handmade texture. You would be in good company with so many prestigious projects up and down the country being built in the Mystique brick.

Normandy Grey

With grey bricks being the ‘in thing’ in recent years the Normandy Grey slip is the perfect choice if looking for the modern and fashionable look. By keeping the handmade texture this slip offers the perfect combination of a modern and on trend colour but with the rustic traditional texture.

Old Athorne

Perfect for the rustic country house feel, the Olde Althorne offers a genuine reclaimed look in both colour and texture. Carefully blended to offer all the reclaimed characteristics this is one of our best options to offer that traditional feel.

Old Barn Stock Blend

The Old Barn Stock is one of our tumbled slip options to enhance that traditional, rustic look. With subtle washed out colours and the ‘rough around the edges’ look that being tumbled gives, this is another one of our great options if looing for the reclaimed look.

Old Coach House

The carefully blended red and brown tones make the Olde Coach House another of our products suited to a wide range of projects. Rustic enough to offer that often desired traditional look, yet vibrant enough colours to fit a more modern looking project.

Oxford Smooth Cream

The Oxford Smooth Cream is smooth faced brick slip with a stunning cream finish.  This is a perfect product for brick detail but can also lend itself to both modern projects and contemporary projects.

Portland Smooth

The Portland Smooth offers a dark blue/black finish which make it a highly appealing product.  The smooth finish make it perfect for brick detailing on the more traditional projects, alternative this product is perfect for full facades and feature walls on more contemporary projects.

Reclaimed Mixture

Another of our tumbled options, as the names suggest the Reclaimed Mixture lends itself to that traditional look and also includes a mixture of neutral, yet unique, colours.

Rustington Avenue

One of our darkest slips, the Rustington Antique offers something different to the more commonly used Reds and Greys. The rich dark colours will give any project that warm homely finish

St Andrews Multi

Another of our modern grey slips the St Andrews Multi is a great choice for any internal space that needs brightening up. Again with the modern colours and traditional texture this is a slip that can lend itself to almost any project.

Traditional Red Blend

The Traditional Red Blend has a real classic look and is another of our most popular products. A vibrant red broken up with some splashes of black and white, this popular and established look can be used anywhere

Victorian Red Blend

The Victorian Red Blend brick slip offer a stunning visual appearance that replicate the Industrial reclaimed brick, it is perfect for projects looking for a more commercial/Industrial look. Like many of the range it is also fantastic for matching up to existing brickwork from the early-mid 20th century.

Wellbourne Antique

Developed with the reclaimed look in mind the Wellbourne Antique is a fantastic alternative to genuine reclaimed slips. With a washed out look and tumbled finish if an old traditional look for your project is desired then this slip will be the perfect option.

Winchester Smooth Red

The Winchester Smooth Red is a smooth finish high quality red brick with sharp lines and clinical finish.  A perfect product for both feature brickwork/detailing or as the main brick choice for a contemporary build.