Aveley Buff

A crisp, modern slip the Aveley Buff is perfect for brightening up any project and is our stand out Buff option in the range.

Basalte Black

A stunning alternative to the Reds and Greys in the range, the Basalte Black offers something different and will be sure to give that warm but contemporary feel to your build.

Chilston Blend

The waterstruck finish of the Chilston gives that unique smooth texture and makes this an ideal option when looking to make your project stand out from the crowd.


Another of our dark neutral slips, the Ebene works perfectly on it’s own to give your build that modern appearance but also compliments the more vibrant slips in the range should a contrasting look be needed.


With grey facades being the ‘in thing’ no range would be complete without a grey multi. The Etna perfectly combines the various on trend shades of grey.

Garrigue Grey

A modern and bright choice, our Garrigue Grey is another of our most popular products in the range and will guarantee a great contemporary look to any project.


Grey is definitely the new black and the Fuji is just one of the grey bricks within our range.  The two tone colourings offer a distinctive finish on any brick build project.

Lambourne Mixture

The unique texture on the Lambourne really makes this product stand out from the crowd. Perfect for a project looking for something a little bit different, without deviating too far from traditional colours.

New Kingsville

A unique mix of colours makes the New Kingsville one of our go to options for someone looking a bit different. The subtle red and brown tones are set of perfectly with a flash of yellow.


A sister product to our New Kingsville, again with the subtle brown and red tones but without the yellow flashes.

Takeley Red

The Takeley Red is one of the most popular choices of slip, with it’s simple but classic looking making it a perfect choice for any type of project.

Tamworth Red

A twist on our ever popular Takeley Red, the Tamworth offers that little bit of extra colour variance should a  more multi finish be needed.