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Our special shaped bricks are perfect for that finishing touch!

When somebody thinks of a brick wall, they tend to imagine a flat vertical surface constructed of bricks, but depending on the design or terrain, it can be so much more!

All to often walls have to change direction and that in itself, is not a problem, but what about when a walls directional change is not a straightforward 90° angle? This is where a special shaped brick came become a life saver. They enable the builder to achieve all manner of styles within the brickwork that can turn a simple straight brick wall into an imaginative work of art, increasing the functionality of the building at the same time as increasing its aesthetic appeal many fold.

Special shape bricks: Changing the face of buildings

The many special shapes and sizes of our bricks allow the builder to change the surface alignment of a wall by forming non-right-angled corners, adding curves and forming plinths. Special shaped bricks are also used to top off a wall or complete a run of bricks in a refined and pleasing manner, rather than the wall simply stopping with a plain.

Special shaped bricks are not a modern invention and have been a feature of a great deal of brick architecture over the years. Curved and protruding brickwork under windows is a common feature on many buildings and some even opt for a very defined conical protrusion to emphasise certain parts of architecture. These features are made possible by a range of special shaped bricks.

Back in the sixties and the seventies, the architectural style seemed to lean in favour of the more simpler planes rather than the more ornate and decorative finishes. A lot of brick manufacturers were happy to produce special shaped bricks but they manufactured them to order for a specified building project, rather than as a standard range of special shaped bricks. ET Bricks manufacture, supply and market our range of special shaped bricks as readily available accessories for building projects.

The creation of certain brick features can sometimes be achieved by using cut standard bricks, but these cut brick surfaces rarely have the texture and colour of the normal faced surface of the bricks being used. Even if a brick feature can be produced without revealing cut surfaces, the builder must have a good deal of extra skill and even then, the construction may lack structural strength and so, to allow the construction to demonstrate exactly the right shape, look, strength and texture, special shaped bricks offer some distinct advantages.

Some examples of special shape bricks

  • Soldier special shape bricks: Gives a great top course finish to a wall with a chamfered end on the facing edge. Far better than using a standard whole brick on end.
  • Bullnose special shape bricks: These special shape bricks allow a pleasing rounded finish to piers and external wall corners.
  • Bonding special shaped bricks: Similar to the Bullnose special shape brick, only with straight edges.
  • Plinth special shape bricks: Allows for a professional face finish to a double skinned brick wall.
  • Radial Bricks: Allow for a delicate and subtle curve in any brickwork structure without sharp brick edges protruding from the mortar.
  • Coping and capping special shape bricks: Finishes off the tops of walls in a pleasing and professional manner.
  • Angle and Cant special shape bricks: Complete a run of bricks on the final course with one of these special shape bricks.
  • Arch special shape bricks: These make a brickwork arch take on a truly professional appearance.
  • Special shape brick slips: Enables the addition of a defined pattern or a random placement of a different coloured brick within the main structure.

The Everyday Range Of Special Shapes & Fittings

The ET Bricks Everyday Range includes all the most popular special shapes and fittings now readily available ex-stock. To help you further we have a dedicated team of experienced sales co-ordinators.

All Kevington Everyday Range of special shapes are:

  • Our special shaped bricks are all manufactured to BS 4729.
  • The bricks are all guaranteed frost resistant to suit most brickwork applications.
  • They are specially designed for the job, no cutting is required.
  • All ET special shape bricks are excellent value and are readily available.

The Kevington range of special shaped bricks are:

  • Bullnose External Return on Edge (Left and Right Hand)
  • Double Cant
  • 45 degree Internal Angle
  • 45 degree External Angle
  • Double Bullnose
  • Standard Brick Fair Faced on Bed Surface
  • Single Bullnose
  • Plinth External Return
  • 45 degree Squint Brick
  • Plinth Internal Return
  • Easyangle
  • Plinth Stretcher
  • Plinth Header
  • Single Cant

The Kevington range of special bricks are available in smooth red, smooth blue and red stock colours.

So if you want your building project to take on a unique and professional look, check out our extensive range of special shape bricks, you'll be glad you did!


t: 01708 200 304

t: 01708 200 304