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A frequent problem when making additions to any brick building is matching the bricks that were used to construct the original building. Whether the addition is an extension or a garage, the challenge will always be to source bricks that match the original ones.

Older buildings really can present a major headache for develpoers or home builders, as the original bricks may not have been manufactured for many years. At times like these, an accurate brick matching service is a very welcome service from a brick manufacturer or supplier.

A brick matching service for damaged bricks

Occasionally the new bricks required are not actually for a building project as such, they are simply needed to replace some original bricks that have may been damaged by drilling.

When you consider that some homeowners like to cover the exterior of their property with hanging baskets, plaques, name plates and all manner of other articles that require drilling, it is little wonder that the brickwork can end up looking like a pin cushion.

We have heard tales of frustrated homeowners taking scrapings from existing bricks that are hidden from view to collect the correct colour brick dust. They then spend time mixing this brick dust with a range of other ingredients such as super glue, wood adhesive and cement to plug the many holes with. This never really turns out well and you are far better contacting us to secure a matching brick, after all, as the saying goes, 'don't spoil the ship for a ha'p'orth of tar'!

What if there simply is no matching brick available?

Sometimes it will be impossible to exactly match a brick as the raw materials that made that brick will simply no longer exist. However, we can nearly always find a brick that is a close enough match to blend in with the original brickwork.

If it isn't possible to secure a brick that's a close enough match, other options are available to the builder. By using a slightly different brick finish, the additional finished brickwork can actually compliment and even enhance to building as a whole. Inventive or creative brick laying techniques can also have a positive impact on the end result too and more often than not, the casual observer wouldn't even notice that the building had slightly differing bricks.

The problem is that there are just so many different types of bricks that have been used over the years and frequently, the bricks that need replacing or matching are very old and cannot be readily found. This is the reason that builders who know what's what contact ET Bricks! We are still a family business that was established in 1994 as ET Clay Products Ltd, our company has continued to expand to form The ET Group, serving the construction industry from design to completion. ET Bricks are the largest specialist brick merchant in the South of the United Kingdom. ET Bricks have over 250 different types of bricks in stock across our depots too, no wonder we have such a loyal customer base of builders!

What about staining the brickwork to make them match?

If the new bricks to be added are to replace a damaged part of an existing building, it may be necessary to stain or colour the entire building to make the bricks match. There are some specialist companies around who are able to change the colour of bricks with a rather clever masonry staining process, although whether they operate near to you and are an affordable option is another matter.

Masonry or brick staining could be to match new bricks to old or to restore an old brick building into something that can look like it has just been built. Brick staining could be the answer if replacing or adding brick to an existing building is impossible due to the brick of choice being discontinued for whatever reason.

Brick staining or tinting can be applied to various surfaces such as concrete, clay bricks, concrete blocks and mortar. The brick tint is applied to the surface of the bricks so that the colour penetrates through the porous brick surface and produces a consistent and long lasting finish that will usually carry a 25 year warranty.

Most common types of bricks we are often asked to match:

  • Engineering bricks.
  • Common Bricks.
  • Facing Bricks.
  • Wirecut bricks.
  • Stock Bricks.
  • Waterstruck bricks.
  • Reclaimed Bricks.
  • Imperial sized bricks.
  • Special shaped bricks.
  • Handmade bricks.

ET Bricks offer a free brick matching service

Because ET Bricks have been in the brick trade for so long, we have built up a wealth of knowledge and expertise. We are able to identify a bricks colour, texture and even the manufacturing process the brick has gone through, after all, bricks are our speciality.

So if you are finding it difficult to identify the right type of brick for your building project or brick repair, just pick up the phone or email us for the best advice around. And because we are the largest specialist brick merchant in the South East, we pride ourselves on our brick matching ability, which has been gained by our wealth of knowledge, expertise and length of time in the Brick Industry.

ET Bricks are able to identify the characteristics of each and every brick on the market

The characteristics we look at to match your bricks:

  • The colour of the brick.
  • The strength of the brick
  • The texture of the brick needed.
  • The size and shape of the new brick.
  • The raw material the brick is made from.
  • The durability of the brick.
  • The water absorbency of the brick.

It should borne in mind that the clay that the bricks are made from will vary from region to region and this will have a definate impact on the finished brick. The way a particular brick is made is also different depending upon the locality it is made.

The final colour of a brick will depend on what the clay mix contains and the way the brick is fired. The texture of a brick can also be pretty varied. Many older buildings have been constructed with soft mud and handmade bricks. The bricks that are made with soft muds tend to have a rather open texture but can have pretty rough or pitted areas too.

Handmade bricks are literally made by the brick manufacturer throwing the clay into a mould by hand. This produces the distinctive characteristics known as 'creasing' or 'smiles' that set handmade bricks apart from other bricks.

Owing to the technology available and the sheer cost of producing bricks by hand, the majority of bricks are now made by machine, although a few traditional handmade brickworks still exist. Handmade bricks are still considered to be a superior quality facing brick because they add a touch of unique style, individuality and genuine character to any building project.

Our Area Sales Managers cover the majority of the South and Midlands and are happy to attend your building site, office, or home to discuss your options. Once a visit has taken place we can supply actual brick samples for approval. You can also visit one of our brick depots and discuss your needs with one of our knowledgeable staff members. As well as the closest match to your brick, we can suggest alternatives that may offer savings or provide a different design solution.

We may even be able to match bricks from a digital picture. Just email us on or call us on 01708 200 304 for further advice.

All our brick matching services are free of charge as we believe great customer service should come as standard and at ET Bricks this is always our aim.


t: 01708 200 304

t: 01708 200 304