Technical Guidelines

Below you will find a selection of useful guides available from the Brick Development Association, to download.

These guidelines are for reference only and we strongly recommend that you seek professional advice before undertaking work.

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The nature of the brick-making process means that the final colour and size can fluctuate between different batches. Bricks are made from natural materials, which can have different physical qualities.

Brick Arches

The arch has long been used in masonry structures.  Arches are a traditional feature of brickwork over openings and can vary from the simple flat arch detail to the highly decorative.

Mortar For Brick Work

Mortar is a workable paste used to bind bricks and other masonry units together. A mortar joint acts as a sealant, a bearing pad, the glue that sticks the units together yet keeps them apart and, in this sense, performs as a gap-filling adhesive.

Severely Exposed Brickwork

Brick walls are attractive and durable when designed correctly and built with appropriate materials in a technically competent way.