General Guidelines

Below are a few useful publications with regards to bricks and brickwork.

The Brick Development Association suggest that these publications are not a substitute for professional advice and they strongly advise anyone referencing these guides to seek professional advice before undertaking work.

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Brick Bonds

The brick bond you choose will play an important role in creating uniformity in structure and composition of brickwork as well as its strength, durability and aesthetic appeal


Buildings have survived throughout the world since Roman times and before, testify to the inherent durability of brickwork. In Britain, enduring 16th century brickwork is particularly significant for designers, builders and building owners.  This document identifies some of the causes and looks at preventions of brickwork durability.

Cleaning Of Clay Brickwork

This document provides an introduction to the cleaning of clay brick works. Of course prevention is better than cure and by following good practice during the design and build process, many of the common post construction issues can be avoided.

Brick Factories Of The UK

A detailed map of brick factories and manufacturing plants for the UK – January 2018

The UK Clay Brickmaking Process

Clay bricks have featured as a construction product for thousands of years with evidence of their use dating as far back as the time of the Roman Empire. It is a material prevalent across the UK’s built environment today and continues to be a fundamental ingredient in modern architecture.