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Special shape bricks


The Everyday Range Of Special Shapes & Fittings

Our Everyday Range includes all the most popular special shapes and fittings now readily available ex-stock. To help you further we have a dedicated team of experienced sales co-ordinators.

A key to where the various styles and shapes of bricks are used in a building project

Available in:

The colours and textures our Kevington Everyday Range of shaped bricks are available in.

Smooth Red    Smooth Blue     Red Stock

All Kevington Everyday Range of special shapes are:

  • Manufactured to BS 4729.
  • Guaranteed frost resistant to suit most brickwork applications.
  • Specially designed for the job, no cutting is required.
  • Excellent Value & availability.
BN.10.2 Bullnose External Return on Edge (Left and Right Hand)
AN.6.1/AN.6.2 Double Cant
AN.3.2 45 degree Internal Angle
AN.2.2 45 degree External Angle
BN.2.1/BN.2.2 Double Bullnose
BD.1.3 Standard Brick Fair Faced on Bed Surface
BN.1.1/BN.1.2 Single Bullnose
PL.7.1/PL.7.2 Plinth External Return
AN.1.2 45 degree Squint Brick
PL.4.1/PL.4.2 Plinth Internal Return
I.UJ.7.1 Easyangle
PL.3.1/PL.3.2 Plinth Stretcher
PL.2.1/PL.2.2 Plinth Header
AN.5.1/AN.5.2 Single Cant

t: 01708 200 304

t: 01708 200 304