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Cavity SL70 Extra Heavy 150 2700mm

Cavity SL70 Extra Heavy 150

The standard prestressed lintels are cost-effective and very versatile. Most can be reversed, and concrete can be cut to length.

They are also easy to install and can be used for a variety of applications. These include internal partitions, external cavity walls, garages, and over services.

The cavity lintel range is supplied with captive insulation to ensure that it is not displaced. The fabricated ranges are manufactured with a proven non-welded method creating a secure connection that has not compromised the galvanised protection.

Additional installation requirements for lintels supporting concrete floor units

Check that the correct lintel has been installed.

Minimum recommended lintel depth is 140mm in order to absorb the shock loading of concrete floor.

Precast flooring units should be laid on a mortar bed across the whole wall width and should not be dragged over supports.


UDL Uniform Distributed Load (Serviceable)

RM Resistance Moment (Serviceable)

SWL Safe Working Load

Designed to support:

Masonry loads

Uniformly distributed timber floor loads

Uniformly distributed roof loads

Concrete floor loads

Attic truss loads

Point loads: compound trusses, steel beams, etc

This product is just one of the extensive range available from ET Clay Products Ltd. If you would like more information then please contact us on 01708 200 304.

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t: 01708 200 304

t: 01708 200 304