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Brick Matching Service from ET Bricks

How many times have you thought about adding to an existing brickwork construction, but have held back because you couldn't find the exact same bricks to match? Here at ET Bricks we are frequently getting enquiries from people who want to add on to an existing wall, or replace bricks that have been damaged by drilling.

The problem is that there are so many different types of bricks on the market and all too often, the bricks that need replacing or matching are many years old and cannot be found at the local DIY shop. This is where ET Bricks can help. We are a family business established in 1994 as ET Clay Products Ltd, the company has continued to expand to form The ET Group, serving the construction industry from design to completion. ET Bricks are the largest specialist brick merchant in the South of the United Kingdom. We have over 250 different types of bricks in stock across our depots too.

Most common types of bricks to match

  • Clay Brick Types: 1. Engineering. 2. Common Bricks 3. Facing Bricks
  • Types of Clay Facing Bricks: 1. Wirecut. 2. Stock Bricks. 3. Waterstruck
  • Reclaimed Bricks
  • Imperial-Sized Bricks
  • Special Shaped Bricks
  • Handmade Bricks

ET Bricks offer a free brick matching service

Because ET Bricks have such a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the brick industry, being able to identify a bricks colour, texture and even the manufacturing process is our speciality.

So if you are finding it difficult to identify the right type of brick for your building project, just pick up the phone or email us for the best advice around. And because we are the largest specialist brick merchant in the South East, we pride ourselves on our brick matching ability, which has been gained by our wealth of knowledge, expertise and length of time in the Brick Industry.

ET Bricks are able to identify the characteristics of each and every brick

Brick characteristics

  • A bricks colour
  • The texture of a brick
  • The size and shape of the brick
  • The strength of the brick
  • The durability of the brick
  • The water absorbency of the brick
  • The raw material the brick is made from

It should also be remembered that the clay that the bricks are made from will vary from region to region and this will have a merked impact on the finished fired brick. The way a particular brick is made is also different depending upon the locality it is made.

A bricks colour will largely depend on what the clay mix contains and the way the brick is fired. The texture of any brick is also extremely varied. For example, in a lot of older buildings, soft mud and handmade bricks are found to be extensively used. Because of this, they are often used in refurbishment and renovation projects. The bricks that are made with soft muds tend to have a rather open texture but can have quite rough or pitted areas too.

Handmade bricks are literally made by the manufacturer throwing the clay into a mould by hand. This produces the distinctive characteristics known as 'creasing' or 'smiles' that set handmade bricks apart from other bricks. Some time ago, all bricks were made by hand and although a few traditional handmade brickworks still exist, the cost of producing bricks by this method is quite prohibitive so nowadays this process is done by a machine. Handmade bricks are considered to be the superior facing bricks, that add style, individuality and character to any building project.

Our Area Sales Managers cover the majority of the South and Midlands and are happy to attend your building site, office, or home to discuss your options. Once a visit has taken place we can supply actual brick samples for approval. You can also visit one of our brick depots and discuss your needs with one of our knowledgeable staff members. As well as the closest match to your brick, we can suggest alternatives that may offer savings or provide a different design solution.

We may even be able to match bricks from a digital picture. Just email us on or call us on 01708 200 304 for further advice.

All our brick matching services are free of charge as we believe great customer service should come as standard and at ET Bricks this is always our aim.


t: 01708 200 304

t: 01708 200 304